White Sage All Natural (Purifying) Room Spray

Since ancient times, White Sage has been used to clear negative energies from our personal space. Usually we burn a smudge stick or a few loose leaves of white sage in an Abalone shell or other fire safe container while enjoying the aroma. However, some of us are allergic to the smoke, or it just isn't feasible to burn something where we are. So, I've taken the essence of White Sage and made it into a deliciously portable spray.

This is not an essential oil, but it is equally powerful as I use the whole leaf to make the spray. There are no fillers and I do not use chemicals, so it is all natural. It has a beautiful green tint that may stain clothing so please be careful where you spray it.

**WARNING** Ladies MUST avoid White Sage while pregnant.

This listing is for one 3.5 ounce bottle of spray..

This product is VEGAN.

Alcohol, Water, Salvia apiana (White Sage)


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